To solve problems with highly watery material flows, we process sludge from food production or fermentation residues from biogas plants as well as liquid manure or market waste into dry substrates suitable for storage and transport or into granulate, pellets or dry compacts. We drastically reduce the water content and increase the dry matter content from 5% to up to >80%.

We offer 3 services with different objectives:

1. reNPK Natural: This processing extracts up to 50% of the dry matter from aqueous slurries. On request, directly on site. As a result, we deliver a nutrient-rich, stab-resistant substrate that can be used directly as fertiliser or composted further. In the process, we extract a maximum of N, P and K components from the sludge and remove these substances as well as solids in general from the return flow.


2. Sludge-to-Soil  is our process of converting high water holding sludge into a CIRCULAR HUMUS – our natural peat substitute product containing the nutrients from organic waste. Our highly water retentive SPONGE SOIL is particularly suitable for agriculture and horticulture on poor soils and in dry growing areas. The peat-like properties make it a natural substitute for raised bog peat and thus contribute to the protection of bogs.

3. Compost accelerator: Another process option provides a compost accelerator. The water content of the sludge is quickly reduced, the resulting substrate is subsequently able to absorb water from other waste streams and thus provide a balanced and favourable climate for the bacteria in a composting process.