Advantages of iSUBSTRATE

Solid substrates
Landscaping material, market waste, plant residues after harvest, empty fruit stalks and branch cuttings from orchards, vineyards or olive groves, green cuttings and much more. :

  • significantly increased biogas production per tonne of input (10%-50% depending on substrate)
  • increased degree of digestion = reduced odour formation
  • Higher and more stable temperature in the fermenter, thus also reduced heating requirements in winter
  • Development of diverse organic waste for biogas production as an alternative to subsidised NAWARO plants
  • Elimination of the tank-plate discussion

Nutrient-rich sludge
from wine presses, breweries, sewage treatment plants in the food industry, etc. :

  • Development of nutrient-rich co-substrates for composting and biogas plants by reducing the transport weight by up to 80%.
  • Moisture content adjustable between 15% and 25%
  • Further drying possible afterwards